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Tabuk International Building Exhibition

Tabuk International Building Exhibition

5 Sept 2023

The 2023 Tabuk Construction Exhibition has commenced at the Prince Sultan Urban Center in Tabuk. The exhibition aims to explore ways to advance the field of infrastructure, construction, and building in the Kingdom.

The inaugural Tabuk Construction Exhibition 2023, organized by the Tabuk Chamber of Commerce, is being held under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Fahd bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, the Governor of the Tabuk region. The exhibition features the participation of numerous local and international companies from various sectors of the construction industry.

The Secretary-General of the Tabuk Chamber and the General Supervisor of the exhibition, Nazir bin Al-Hasan Al-Hukmi, highlighted that the exhibition includes advanced workshops. It provides the business community with a significant developmental and transformative platform in all areas of the construction system, including various engineering disciplines such as architecture, design, structural, electromechanical, and safety. It also covers infrastructure, construction, decorations, supplies, and all technologies and industries related to the building sector.

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