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Suppliers and contracts

Terms and Conditions for Local Purchase Orders

All goods sold by the seller under this purchase order must conform to the buyer's specifications and be fit for the purposes and uses for which they were purchased. All goods must be free from hidden defects. If the sale is based on a sample, the goods must match the sample, and the buyer has the right to notify the seller within 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods if they do not conform to the specifications or the sample and to reject the goods. Regarding any defect that appears in the goods within one year from the date of delivery under this order, the buyer has the right to notify the seller of the existence of that defect within 30 days from the date of its appearance. Thus, the buyer retains all rights stipulated in these terms and conditions.

The seller confirms to the buyer that they will not disclose or transmit, either directly or indirectly, any non-published technical information provided by the buyer to the seller in connection with this order, nor any information resulting directly from it, to any party not authorized in writing by the buyer to receive it.

The responsibility for the destruction of the goods remains with the seller until the actual delivery of the goods to the buyer.

Any seller who secures and supplies materials under this purchase order, which are prohibited from importation under the regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, shall be responsible for any damages, costs, or expenses incurred by the buyer as a result of supplying such materials, including, but not limited to, fines, transportation costs, and costs of any confiscated goods.

If any goods are delivered under this order that do not conform to its terms and conditions, the buyer has the right to reject such goods. Additionally, at their discretion, the buyer may cancel all or any part of this order, whether delivered or not, and recover any amounts or expenses incurred by the buyer, without incurring any obligation towards the seller and without prejudicing the buyer's right to claim compensation for damages or take any action prescribed by the law to protect their rights.

All suppliers required to register for Value Added Tax (VAT) on the General Authority for Zakat and Income's website, according to the Value Added Tax Law and its implementing regulations, should promptly register and provide Abdullah Abdin Industries with a copy of their VAT certificate.

All invoices for goods, services, and credit notices issued to Abdullah Abdin Industries by suppliers required to register for VAT should include the supplier's VAT registration number, and separately specify the amount of VAT due, while complying with any other requirements stipulated by the Value Added Tax Law and its implementing regulations.

The prices stated in this purchase order are inclusive of all taxes and fees that are not explicitly imposed by the system on the buyer unless otherwise indicated. This purchase order was issued to the seller on the basis that the prices do not conflict with any official pricing system, and the seller's acceptance of the purchase order constitutes a guarantee of compliance with all such systems.

This purchase order or any rights arising from it may not be transferred or assigned to a third party without the written consent of the buyer.

If the acceptance of the purchase order is not received in writing from the seller, the shipment of any part of the goods or the performance of any part of the services required under this order shall be deemed an acceptance of all the terms and conditions stated in the purchase order without reservation.

This purchase order may only be modified or amended by a written document signed by the buyer and with the seller's approval.

The Arabic language is the governing language for the interpretation and implementation of the provisions and conditions contained in this purchase order, and in case of any conflict between the Arabic and English texts, the Arabic text shall prevail.

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